Commando Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3)


Commando Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3)


Commando Wool Dryer Balls Commando dares you to defy expectations. It's bold, playful, and fresh, blending sweet and smoky scents in a way that feels inviting yet refuses to fit the norm.

Smells Like Freedom & Taking Risks

Notes Of Vanilla, Lavender, Smoke, & Cedar

No Harsh Chemicals
Handmade Daily
Reduces Wrinkles
Speed Up Dry Time
Simple Ingredients

Complete Your Routine

How To Use

Toss 3-6 Dryer Balls into the dryer with each load of laundry. Can be used unscented or scented with your favorite Buff scent!


Wool sourced in New Zealand, felted in China