Buff City Soap


When is this promotion running?
We will update this as new dates are added, but currently the promotion is scheduled to run during the following times (each period may be referred to as a “Qualifying Period”):
Oct. 28 – Nov. 6, 2022
Dec. 16 – Dec. 18, 2022

How do I qualify?
Buff Loyalty Rewards Members who spend $50 pre-tax in-store in a single transaction at a participating location during a Qualifying Period will be eligible to receive up to one (1) free bar of soap (“Reward”) per month, with a qualifying purchase each month during the applicable redemption period. Once you qualify, you will notice that your qualification for the promotion will be printed on your receipt when you check out in store. You don't need to keep the receipt. Your qualification is associated with the phone number you entered during checkout.

When can I claim my free soap Rewards?
Regardless of the period in which you qualified, you can redeem this offer for one (1) free bar of soap each month from 1/2023 through 12/2023 (“Redemption Period”). You will see your first Reward for a free soap placed in your loyalty account associated with the phone number you provided at checkout on 1/1/2023.

What counts as a qualifying purchase each month to redeem my monthly free soap Reward?
A purchase of any item in-store will count as a qualifying purchase, with the exception of gift cards

I qualified during more than one Qualifying Period. Can I redeem both of these offers in 2023?
Yes! Keep in mind that if you have qualified during both Qualifying Periods, you must make two separate qualifying purchases each month in 2023 in order to receive two Rewards each month.

How will I know when the Reward is ready?
Your free soap Reward will be deposited into your Buff Loyalty account on the first day of each month in 2023. We'll send you text and/or email reminders using the information you've listed in your Buff Loyalty profile.

When do my Rewards expire each month?
Each free soap Reward deposited in your account expires on the last day of that particular month. When a new month begins, a new free soap Reward is deposited in your account and eligible to be redeemed until the end of the month.

What happens if I miss a month?
If no qualifying purchase is made in given month during the Redemption Period, the Reward for that month is forfeited.

How do I redeem my free soap Reward with purchase beginning in 2023?
Simply provide your phone number in store at checkout, and the cashier will access your Buff Loyalty account information. As long as you have completed your Buff Loyalty profile and qualified during a Qualifying Period, you are eligible to redeem this offer.

Do any other terms and conditions apply?
Yes, see the full terms here: Terms & Conditions